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January 06, 2024

Kendal at Home: Celebrating 20 Years of Community, Connection, and Cherished Moments

It’s been 20 wholesome years of compassion, innovation, and cherished moments. 20 years of unwavering dedication to a vision created for the sole purpose of offering care and support. 



20 years of bringing bright smiles, comfort, and peace of mind to the lives of older adults and their loved ones. 20 years of empowering you to age gracefully and independently in the warmth of your home with the support, guidance, and commitment of a team that truly cares.


Kendal At Home heartily invites you to celebrate our remarkable 20th anniversary. Join us as we open the doors to our past, the evolution of our company, and the challenges and milestones we’ve conquered. Join us as we reflect on the essence of our values, the dedication of our staff, and the dreams we continue to weave for the future.


A Trip To The Beginning Of Kendal At Home

Every success story begins with a vision, an idea, and the desire to solve a meaningful challenge or fulfill a profound need. These are qualities that the founder of Kendal At Home had in abundance.


In 2003, Kendal At Home was founded by Kendal in Oberlin, Ohio for one purpose–to support and grant the wishes of older adults who loved the idea of aging in their home. 


At that time and up till now, research showed that the majority of older adults were willing to pass up the idea of assisted living communities or nursing homes to age in their homes. 


This meant that Kendal At Home wasn’t going to merely serve older adults but serve the much broader population of that demographic and we’re proud that we’ve maintained that vision to this day.


With only five staff members in the early years, Kendal At Home focused solely on providing care to our members who successfully aged at home. For ten (10) solid years after being founded, the company successfully operated without a permanent nursing home placement.


Today, the staff size has grown to 15 and the 98% of our members remain in their homes and are supported with care as they need it throughout their lives. 


However, our staff size isn’t the only thing that has grown. Over the years, we have also transitioned from offering only care to now providing a more comprehensive model that integrates wellness and initiatives designed to help members remain independent while staying in their own homes.


How Kendal At Home Has Impacted Lives In These 20 Years

Within these 20 years of serving in the aging-in-place industry, we’ve touched the lives of hundreds of seniors and helped them enjoy their aging years with complete confidence and peace. 


However, one story that stands out for us is that of Mary Ann.


A Story That Captures The Essence Of Kendal At Home Over The Years

Mary Ann was a charter member who became one of the reasons we keep this company going; she became a beacon of resilience and the embodiment of why we are committed to redefining aging in place.


When illness struck, Mary Ann faced a crossroads familiar to many–the prospect of a nursing home. However, she didn’t want that, having witnessed her mother spend six years in the same facility. 

Her membership with Kendal At Home wasn't just a choice; it was a deliberate act of defiance against the notion of losing one's independence to the confines of a nursing home.


As her health declined, so did the structure and value of her home. In those challenging moments, Mary Ann became the catalyst for a metamorphic shift, inspiring us to develop resources that extended far beyond the boundaries of long-term care.


When Mary Ann's physician delivered the heartbreaking news that she could never return home, the devastation was apparent. However, in the face of despair, she maintained her stance to remain at home. 


We knew how important aging at home was for Mary Ann, so we collaborated with her physician, and for the next 18 months, she experienced the warmth of her home surrounded by caregivers and her dedicated care coordinator.


There have been many more stories like Mary Ann’s, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when our commitment was put to the test. Yet, with the guidance of our care coordinators, we not only weathered the storm but became lifelines, connecting families when physical closeness was a luxury.


Enhancing The Aging In Place Experience Using Innovative Approaches And Technologies 

As times changed and advancements in technology grew, we discovered many other ways we could serve our members and make their stay at home more fulfilling.

  • In our quest to improve the quality of life of our aging members, we partnered with a technology company that enabled us to enhance communication and connectivity between members and their family and friends through television.
  • Beyond connectivity, we also use medical devices that detect falls and domestic accidents, keeping our members safe as they navigate their homes. We’ve introduced programs like fall prevention, caregiver support groups, grief support groups, personal training programs, dementia friends programming, podcasts and so much more.
  • Kendal At Home members have experienced improved cognitive function through our collaborations with brain health programs and specialists in areas such as dementia care and home maintenance needs.
  • We’ve incorporated several tech support features into our services, ensuring that members can order groceries and other things online without leaving the comfort of their homes.
  • Our members enjoy emergency room-at-home services that allow us to provide timely and essential medical interventions in the comfort of their homes.  

At Kendal At Home, we acknowledge that the aging-in-place (continuing care at home) industry is ever-changing and evolving. When we started this journey, there were only five programs in operation. Today, there are more than 35 and counting.


We’re here as times change and we assure our members that we willl continually evolve as we always have to ensure their needs are met as they change.


Our Partnerships And Engagement With The Community

We understand that so much of our work requires partnerships to help us better serve our members and the continuing care community at large. We currently do outreach programs to local communities through LeadingAge to connect with other aging service providers.


We are creating partnerships with senior living development companies and are heavily involved in areas of leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We hope to continue to be involved on a local and national level, working closely with LeadingAge and its local state chapters.


In our ongoing commitment to community well-being, our staff's role as trained Dementia Champions empowers us to extend our reach by providing educational sessions and fostering awareness within the community.


Kendal At Home exudes care and comfort in the way we do because it is an integral part of how the company is run. We work with staff members who have been with us for years because the organization is built on trust, respect and care for one another. These values are transferred to our members.


In all of this, we’re more than grateful for the services of our home care providers and caregivers and the partnerships we’ve built over the years. They’re by far the most important aspect of our services. They’re at the frontline, providing hands-on services day and night to help in the most difficult times. We aim to further strengthen our partnerships with these heroes.


Kendal At Home’s Vision For The Future

As long as there are more lives to touch, Kendal At Home will continue to serve. Our biggest vision is to continue growing in the services we deliver and spread our excellent services further across the country to enable us to reach out to more illustrious trailblazers.


Kendal At Home has received an “Excellence in Service Award” and our CEO has also received an “Outstanding Executive Award” from LeadingAge Ohio.


Recently one of our care coordinators was recognized by the state of Ohio for the fall prevention program she has implemented here at Kendal at Home.


We are in the process of having one of our first city deemed a Dementia Friendly city in America as a result of staff efforts and outreach. 


With a significant proportion of our leadership positions held by accomplished women, Kendal at Home stands as a testament to the remarkable qualities women bring to organizational success.


Through dedicated leaders like Lynne Giacobbe, Karen Graham, Dr. Yoleeta Ilodi, Marla Gordon, Linda Pancio, and many others, Kendal at Home has successfully championed the cause of providing personalized care, coverage, and a healthy aging plan to its members.


We hope to continue serving as an inspiration and a practical demonstration of the positive outcomes associated with gender diversity.


We will continue to stay dedicated to promoting excellence and inclusivity in the senior living industry.


We aim to continue leading the industry and helping others see the beauty in aging at home. We’re committed to excellence and we want to continue delivering that excellence in all ramifications.


Cheers to many more years of service and success. Cheers to Kendal At Home.

Healthy aging is hard on your own. Kendal at Home can help you age well and enjoy your retirement.

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