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December 13, 2022

Hearing Aids: Deciphering the complexities of over the counter options

Whether listening to your favorite song or chatting with family and friends, hearing plays a vital role in connecting with our environment and maintaining independence as you age. In our youth we take for granted that we will be able to hear the voices of our loved ones with minimal effort, but as we get older sometimes that can become more challenging.


For many struggling to hear, hearing aids are a lifeline to reconnecting with the world around them, but their ability to help hinges on choosing the correct model for your specific issue. The choices are expansive and range across a variety of price points and capabilities. For anyone who hasn't done the research, the choices can be overwhelming. Below are a few resources to help guide you in finding the right over the counter hearing aid for you:

If you are struggling to hear conversations, or you realize that you are cranking the volume of the TV or car stereo up a little higher than you used to, it may be time to consult your doctor and consider a hearing aid. New over the counter options are making it easier and way more accessible for everyone.

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