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May 26, 2015

How to Avoid the Nursing Home: 3 Top Tips

If you’re like most older adults, you’ve likely seen the nursing home environment up close and you know it doesn’t appeal to you. In fact, you’d like to avoid it if you could.

Even though an overwhelming majority of older adults — 90 percent — want to stay in their homes as they age, many think this is an impossible goal. You might be surprised to learn though it’s very possible to remain in the home you love. What’s more, it’s unlikely most older adults will need to enter a nursing home with the proper support.

In addition, many of the issues that land people in nursing homes — medication mismanagement, limited mobility, and forgetfulness — can be remedied with a few at-home modifications.

Here are some simple ways you can avoid the nursing home.

1. Handling Medication Safely

Medication mismanagement is a leading cause for admission to a nursing home. Forgetting a pill or taking one in combination with another medication can produce unwanted side effects. Add to that having to remember to take pills at the correct times, and mixing up medications becomes more of a possibility.

One way to remember to take your medications at the right time is to purchase a simple pill organizer. These little boxes with compartments for days of the week can be found in a variety of stores and simplify the medication taking process.

If you need help organizing everything, ask a family member, friend or neighbor to assist.

2. Making Home Modifications

A few easy fixes can ensure your home remains as safe as possible. Picking up throw rugs and securing any loose furniture can help prevent falls, and additions like grab bars can make getting into and out of the bathtub safer and easier.

3. Choosing the Right Physician

Your relationship with your doctor plays an important role in maintaining your independence. Regardless of the type of physician you see, you should never accept that your pain or other unpleasant symptoms are just a part of the aging process.

In addition, your doctor should listen to you, give you the attention you deserve, and respect your wishes to remain in your home.

You shouldn’t have to leave the home you love because you’ve reached a certain age. It is easier than you think to avoid the nursing home, and by making a few simple modifications to your home and activities, you can remain healthy and independent. Learn more ways you can avoid the nursing home with this free guide.

Avoiding a Nursing Home | Kendal at Home

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