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July 18, 2019

Video: How Kendal at Home Helps the Dawson’s Keep Doing What They Love

When Kathy Dawson took a vacation to a hot air balloon festival out west, she wasn’t expecting to need Kendal at Home. Kathy and her husband, Dick, had just become members of Kendal at Home a week before their trip. So when Kathy had an accident in the middle of their vacation that resulted in a broken wrist and both knees, she had to be brought back to Ohio for treatment. 

With their vacation cut short, the Dawsons were at the local hospital trying to figure out what they needed to do to get Kathy treatment. 

“I’m in the emergency room and that is when you looked at me and you said ‘Wait! We have Kendal,’” Kathy said, turning to her husband Dick. “We got home and the hospital bed in our living room was already set up because Dick had worked with the care coordinator at Kendal...There was someone here waiting to take care of me.”

See how Kendal at Home gives the Dawson’s peace of mind and how being at home helped Kathy heal faster.


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