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Fall Prevention

Watch this presentation series to learn about steps you can take today to help prevent falls, and to build your personal Fall Prevention Plan. Which tools can you add to your fall prevention toolbox?

  • Episode 1: Identifies factors that could put you at risk of falling - or could be contributing to current falls.
  • Episode 2: Outlines assessments that you can do alone or with friends and family to assess if you are at risk for falls.
  • Episode 3: Provides specific steps you can take to recover from a fall, if you do fall.
  • Episode 4: Focuses on a range of exercises to improve your balance and strength and help prevent falls. 
  • Episode 5: Outlines ideas for having a personal Fall Plan, including what things you should have in place and how to prepare for when a fall does happen. 

Full Video (Episodes 1-5)