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Kendal At Home

Family Matters



For many of us the idea of becoming a burden on family and loved ones weighs heavy on our minds. Kendal at Home lifts that weight and restores confidence in your ability to live the life you want. Read on to learn more about how Kendal at Home unencumbers these treasured relationships.

How Kendal at Home Works with your Family in Mind

Peace of Mind

Kendal at Home gives your family peace of mind that you will be cared for and will be able to remain safe in your home.

Expert Care Coordination

Our care coordination team are experts in caring for seniors. They connect with you on a regular basis to form an individualized care plan. They are a true advocate for your care.

Asset Protection

Unlike a nursing home or retirement community, your assets are protected with Kendal at Home. Your family will not have to worry as healthcare costs continue to rise. 

Relieve Burden of Care

Families don’t have to worry about your health or if your home is safe. Kendal at Home relieves the burden of care from your family.

See How Kendal at Home Gives Your Family Peace of Mind.

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Kendal at Home Costs

Everyone’s dreams for retirement are different, and Kendal at Home has a plan to match those individual dreams. The structure is simple: a one-time entrance fee and a predictable monthly fee that remains stable throughout your retirement years. And coverage is for life.  While many healthcare expenses may rise astronomically, the steady and predicable costs of Kendal at Home allow you to better plan for the years ahead. We are dedicated to creating an opportunity for you to live the independent life you want wherever you call home.




Benefits of Kendal at Home for Family Members

Kendal at Home allows you and your family members to spend time together  and just enjoy each other's presence. Family members will not have to worry if you are taking all your medication, if you went to that doctor’s appointment or if your home is free of fall hazards. They can just be your son or daughter or niece or nephew and truly enjoy the relationship they have with you.

A Kendal at Home membership:

  • Protects your assets
  • Protects their finances because they don’t have to pay for your care
  • Safeguards their mental health
  • Protects their work/life balance