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Information for
Family Members


What is Kendal at Home?

Kendal at Home is a unique program that relieves the burden of care for your aging loved one from you and your family.

Kendal at Home provides the people and plan to make sure your family member gets the care they need when they need it, all while protecting their assets.

How Kendal at Home Works

Peace of Mind

Kendal at Home gives you peace of mind that your family member is cared for and safe in their home.

Expert Care Coordination

Our care coordination team are experts in caring for seniors and gets to know your loved one to form a care plan.

Asset Protection

Unlike a nursing home or retirement community, your loved one’s assets are protected with Kendal at Home.

Relieve Burden of Care

You don’t have to worry about your family member’s health or if their home is safe for them. Kendal at Home relieves the burden of care from you.

See How Kendal at Home Gives Your Family Peace of Mind.

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Kendal at Home Costs

Cost varies based on age and health. Discounts are available for holders of long-term care insurance policies, and the cost can be tax-deductible as a medical expense.

Choosing care

What Kendal at Home Does Not Do

Though Kendal at Home provides the care your family member needs when they need it, it does not make medical decisions for them. Your family member retains the ability to choose their care and the Kendal at Home care coordination team acts as their advocate during the process, making sure they have everything they need and understand instructions.


Benefits of Kendal at Home for Family Members

Kendal at Home allows you and your family members to spend time with your loved one and just enjoy their presence. You won’t have to worry if they’re taking all their medication, if they went to that doctor’s appointment or if their home is free of fall hazards. You can just be their son or daughter or niece or nephew.

A Kendal at Home membership for your loved one:

  • Protects their assets
  • Protects your finances because you don’t have to pay for their care
  • Safeguards your mental health
  • Protects your work/life balance
  • Is transferable to another family member