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Kendal At Home

Request a Personal Consultation

 Sit down with one of our experts to get a better understanding of how Kendal at Home could work for you and if it is the right fit for you and your retirement goals. 

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Remain in Your Home As You Age While Removing the Burden of Care From Your Loved Ones

Having a plan in place for your needs, those who will provide you that care, and those who will advocate for your needs, provides peace of mind to you, your family and friends. Kendal at Home’s exclusive program provides all of this and more.


What to Expect with a Personal Consultation

  • Learn how you can live where you want as you age
  • Learn how we remove the burden of care from your loved ones and provide you (and them) with peace of mind
  • Learn why our Life Plan Coordination team makes us unique
  • Learn how your long-term care policy might not be as helpful as you think and more

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Request a Personal Consultation

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