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CCRC Financial Security

Learn how to understand the Financial Security for a Retirement Community!

Retirement Financial Stability - Fill Out The Form to the RightAs you age, possibly one of the most important questions you’ll face is, “Where should we call home?” There are a number of choices you can explore; for example, you can choose to remain in your current residence and receive outside care or explore the idea of relocating to a retirement community.
For those who choose retirement communities, it’s not only critical you select a community where you can live a happy and healthy life, but also one that is financially secure. We understand the ins and outs of finances can be confusing.

In this download, we discuss several key factors you should know and understand before choosing a retirement community, including:

  • How to Determine the Financial Health for any
    Retirement Community
  • If Joining a Retirement Community Makes Sense in
    this Economy
  • How Kendal at Oberlin Compares

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