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Retirement Living at Home

The Kendal at Home program is designed for older adults who are healthy and independent, want security for their future, and are planning to stay in their own home.

Benefits of Kendal at Home

  • Life Plan/Care Coordination Team
  • Lifetime Guarantee of Care & Services
  • Balance Wellness Program
  • Financial Benefits
  • Protection of Your Assets
  • Less Burden on Family & Friends

Life Plan/Care Coordination Team

What makes our organization unique is our Life Plan/Care Coordinators. Whether you have the flu, a broken hip, or need assistance on a regular basis, we will provide you the services you need, as soon as you need them and for as long as you need them.

Life plan coordinators at Kendal at Home arrange and advocate care services for each member. We never impose decisions on you, but rather work together to make sure your wishes are followed when care or services are required.

Lifetime Guarantee of Care & Services

As a member of Kendal at Home, you'll receive a lifetime guarantee of care and services. That means no matter how much care or services you need as you age, you'll have the peace of mind knowing it's there when you need it.

Balance Wellness Program

Our Balance Wellness Program focuses on your total wellness. That means your physical, psychological, emotional and social needs are addressed at events. Events are exclusive for members and feature guest speakers and more.

Financial Benefits

Kendal at Home helps you stay in your home as you age for a fraction of the cost of other senior options, while protecting your assets.

Protection of Your Assets

Unlike other senior living options, your assets are protected when you join Kendal at Home.

Less Burden on Family & Friends

Your family and friends can focus on being just that when you join Kendal at Home. They don't have to worry if you have the care you need.

Learn More About Kendal at Home

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What is Kendal

What Makes Kendal at Home Different?

  • We focus on being proactive and helping members stay healthy and active, not just reacting to care needs.
  • A Life Plan/Care Coordination team will plan, coordinate, advocate, communicate and partner with you.
  • We work in concert with your existing long-term care insurance.

A Lifetime of Care & Services

Creating a life plan today when you are well and healthy enables you to go on enjoying life without worrying who will provide services that may be needed in the future. Our membership covers a LIFETIME of services.

  • Kendal at Home allows you to pay for a lifetime of care and services now, with today’s dollars.
  • Today, nursing home care in our community costs an average of over $250 a day, and continues to increase annually. Costs can add up quickly and are not covered for the long term by health insurance or Medicare.

High-Quality Care & Services As You Need Them– No Waiting

There are no waiting periods to satisfy, and no need to wait for a doctor’s order. Simply call your Life Plan/Care Coordination team and we will work collaboratively to identify and coordinate a plan that meets your needs.

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Protect Your Assets in Retirement

Unlike nursing homes or retirement communities, your assets remain yours and protected when you join Kendal at Home.

How Kendal at Home Differs from Home Health Companies

Kendal at Home

  • Fully vetted professional caregivers
  • Available 24/7
  • Customized care plan
  • A team who really gets to know you
  • Provides peace of mind for you and your family
  • Focused on your health and independence

Home Health Companies

  • No control over who enters your home
  • Is not fully involved in your care plan
  • Is not invested in your independence
  • Not available in the event of an emergency
  • Doesn’t fully get to know you or your family
  • Assets are not protected

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