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Don’t Fall for These COVID-19 Scams

Avoid COVID-19 Social Isolation with These Resources

Frequently Asked Questions About the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Why the Coronavirus Pandemic is More Dangerous for Older Adults

8 Coronavirus Myths to Know

What You Need to Know About Coronavirus

Energy Boosters for Older Adults

Dangers of Dehydration for Older Adults

Should You Try a Plant-Based Diet?

Brain Health News for February

Meal Delivery Kits Evaluated

Home Organization Tips to Try

What to Know About Tech Support Scams

Tips for Living with Osteoarthritis

Winter Driving: How to Winterize Your Car

Looking for Love Online? Online Dating Tips for Older Adults

Work and Retirement: What Older Americans Need to Know

How Sleep Affects Your Brain

The Rise of Elder Orphans: What You Should Know

Brain Health News to Know for December

Avoid These Social Media Scams

What to Know About Medical Marijuana

Dementia Risk: Genetics and Lifestyle and How They Play a Role

Renovations That Could Lower Your Home's Value

How the ”Protecting and Improving Medicare for Our Nation's Seniors” Executive Order Could Affect Medicare

Brain Health News to Know for November

What is CBD and Should You Use It?

Common Medicare Open Enrollment Mistakes to Avoid

Medicare's Nutrition Benefit: 7 Things to Know

Medigap: What to Know About Medicare Supplement Insurance

What to Know About Medicare Open Enrollment 2020

What You Need to Know About Delirium

Emergency Preparedness Tips for Older Adults

How to Prevent Falls at Night

Should You Try the Keto Diet?

Dementia Risk Linked to Sleeping Pill Use

What Older Adults Should Know About Fish Oil

How to Secure Your Personal Health Data

Brain Health News to Know for September

These Proposals on Capitol Hill Could Affect Your Retirement

Video: How Kendal at Home Gives Mary and Her Family Peace of Mind

Common Medicare Scams to Watch For

What to Know about Changes to the Pneumonia Vaccine

Surgical Decision-Making Tips for Older Adults

Common Causes of Low Energy for Older Adults

Benefits of Hiking for Older Adults

Preventing and Treating Summer Bug Bites

Should You Have a Medical Billing Advocate?

Video: How Kendal at Home Helps the Dawson’s Keep Doing What They Love

Robocalls: The Latest Stats and How to Stop Them

What is Lewy Body Dementia?

Do You Need a Measles Booster Shot?

3 Foods that Fight Inflammation

Kendal at Home Member Prepares to Swim from Alcatraz to Raise Awareness for Dementia

Why Getting the Right Dementia Diagnosis Matters

The Difference Between Advance Directives and Powers of Attorney: Advice from an Elder Law Attorney

What to Know about LATE Dementia: A New Type of Brain Disease

Bell’s Palsy versus Stroke: What to Know

What Older Adults Should Know About Colon Cancer Screenings

Types of Memory and Their Functions

3 Myths About Advance Directives

Should You Get a Memory Check Up? Why You Need a Brain Health Screening

The Keto Diet and Alzheimer’s Disease: Is it Beneficial?

Here's What You Should Know About New Exercise Guidelines

Brain Health: How Male and Female Brains Age

Creating an Advance Directive: 3 Things to Consider

What Older Adults Should Know About Prescription Drug Prices

Kendal at Home Member’s Art Showcased in Local Exhibitions, National Collections

Brain Health News: What to Know for April

Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes: What’s the link?

At Risk for Heart Attack or Stroke? These Readings Could Clue You In

5 Tips for Safe Nighttime Driving

Hotel Retirement: Should You Move into a Holiday Inn During Your Golden Years?

How to Preserve Your Brain Health: Start Exercising

Do I Need a Dietary Supplement? Tips for Older Adults

Chronic Inflammation’s Role in Memory Loss

Tax Changes to Be Aware of in 2019

Using Movement to Calm Your Nervous System

What to Know about the BOLD Infrastructure for Alzheimer's Act

Do You Know These Risk Factors for Stroke?

Kendal at Home Aims to Change the Way People Think About Dementia

How Exercise Makes Your Heart Younger

4 Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

Are You Prepared for These Common Retirement Risks?

Will Telehealth Benefit Older Adults?

How to Use Tai Chi to Improve Balance Plus 3 Poses to Try

Low Vitamin D? How it Affects Older Adults & What You Can Do

Heart Disease in Women: Do You Know the Signs?

Dementia Friends: Changing the Way We Think About Dementia

Excess Belly Fat Linked to Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults

Play Games, Reap Health Benefits

Questions to Ask About Cognitive Decline

Living Trust or Will? What to Know

Basic First Aid to Know for Older Adults

Simple Tips to Have a Healthy Holiday Season

How to Choose a Medical Power of Attorney

3 Technologies To Watch To Help You Remain Independent

The Benefits of a Patient Advocate & Why You Should Have One

Is Medicare Part D Right for Me?

Ways To Prevent Cold and Flu & What to Do if You Get Sick

What Is the High-Dose Flu Vaccine, and How Can It Help You?

Aging and Fatigue: 4 Common Causes

Common Medicare Scams to Watch for During Open Enrollment

5 Causes of Lightheadedness to Know

Older Adults are Skipping Eye Exams: Why That's a Bad Idea

What to Know About Medicare Open Enrollment for 2019

What to Know About Brain Health Supplements

What to Know About the Midterm Elections

3 Tips for Exercising With Osteoporosis

Older Adults and Bankruptcy: What to Know About Soaring Filings

How to Protect Yourself from Social Security Scams

Post-Hospital Syndrome: How it Affects Older Adults & What to Know

Belly Fat Linked to Increased Fall Risk

4 Types of Depression Older Adults Should Know About

3 Health Benefits of Meditation for Older Adults

Surgery Risks for Older Adults: What to Know

How Caffeine Affects Older Adults

Heart Health: Age-Related Heart Changes

Doctor-Patient Communication: How to Effectively Communicate with Medical Specialists

How Older Adults can Reduce Their Skin Cancer Risk

What to Know About Osteoporosis & How to Reduce Your Risk

3 Respiratory Issues Older Adults Should Know About

How Older Adults can Overcome the Stigma of Mental Illness

7 Summer Home Maintenance Items to Include on Your To-Do List

These 6 Healthy Habits Could Prolong Your Life

What is Vascular Dementia? 5 Things to Know

Summer Safety Tips for Older Adults

How Isolation and Loneliness can Affect You and What to do About it

What is Mixed Dementia?

Oral Health and Aging: What to Know

Older Adults’ Views on Aging and Sex May Surprise You

3 Bad Foods for Brain Health

Hepatitis C and Older Adults: Why You Need to Get Tested

What to Know About Mild Cognitive Impairment

Thinking About Early Retirement? Here’s Why You Might Want to Rethink Your Plans

6 Ways to Cope with Grief

4 Summer Hobbies for Older Adults

3 Power of Attorney Myths

5 Conditions that Mimic Dementia

Medications to Avoid for Older Adults

Thinking of a Career Change after 50? Keep These Things in Mind!

Older Adult Mental Health: Types of Anxiety Disorders

Senior Sexuality: Common Sexual Problems Among Older Adults

What Older Adults Should Know About Bladder Health

Questions to Ask Your Doctor at Your Next Appointment

How an Aging Brain Affects Thinking

Surprising Ways Loneliness Affects Your Health

Power of Attorney: What to Know

Planning for Long Term Care: 3 Tips to Get Your Affairs in Order

3 Benefits of Incorporating Universal Design into Your Home

5 Fall Prevention Exercises

Brain Health: What is Cognitive Reserve?

Organizing Tips for Older Adults

Older Adults and High Blood Pressure

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Sensitive Subjects

What Older Adults Should Know About Stroke Prevention

6 Tips for Fighting Winter Allergies

Surprising Things that Lower Your Risk Factors for Dementia

Top Aging Influencers to Know

Stay Healthy with these Medication Management Tips

Hearing Loss and Falls: Are They Linked?

Common Winter Health Myths, Debunked

What to Know About the Shingles Vaccine

Hearing Loss and Cognitive Function: Are They Linked?

5 Cold Weather Safety Tips for Older Adults

How to Stay Social as You Age: Tips for Older Adults

Kendal CEO Sean Kelly Speaks with Members about the Future

Kendal at Home Staff Earns Universal Design Certifications

3 Easy Healthy Holiday Recipes to Add to Your Menu

6 Kinds of Shoes to Help Prevent Falls

Know Your Risk Factors for Falls

Balance Disorders Older Adults Should Know About

The Equifax Breach: How Older Adults Can Protect Themselves

Suicide and Older Adults: What You Can Do to Help

3 Simple, Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dishes for Your Holiday Menu

How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Could Affect Continuing Care at Home Members

How Our Brain Changes As We Age

Why Putting off Retirement May Be Good for Your Health

3 Tasty Fall Recipes to Try

Medicare Open Enrollment: What You Need to Know Now

What to Do If You Have a Fear of Falling

3 Brain Health Myths, Clarified

Kendal at Home Launches Falls Prevention Program

Simple Ways to Improve Your Memory

4 Self-Exams for Older Adults

Older Adults and Identity Theft: Protect Yourself

Celebrating Aging: Ways Older Adults Can Combat Ageism

What Older Adults Should Know About Fire Safety

5 Dance Classes Older Adults Should Try

Vitamin and Supplement Considerations for Older Adults

What You Can Learn from Superagers

How Your Senses Change as You Age & How to Protect Them

Forgetfulness: What’s Normal and When to Ask for Help

3 Tips to Provide Stress Relief for Older Adults

5 Ways Older Adults Can Protect Hearing

Everyday Habits to Prevent Cognitive Decline

How to Plan for Long-Term Care

Brain Health: Learn the Types of Dementia

Summer Recipes: 3 Seasonal Fruit and Veggie Dishes to Try

Hot Weather Safety Tips for Older Adults

3 Long-Term Care Insurance Myths, Busted

How to Stay Active: 5 Exercises for Arthritis

Common Breathing Problems in Older Adults & What You Can Do About Them

How to Tell If You Should Stop or Cut Back on Driving

How Alcohol Affects Older Adults

Universal Design: Home Modifications for Older Adults

Older Adults and Eating Disorders: 4 Things to Know

4 Mobility Tools for Older Adults

Older Adults’ Mental Well-Being: How a Green Space can Help

5 Common Vision Issues for Older Adults

Tornado Safety for Older Adults

Vitalize 360 Helps Kendal at Home Member Stay Fit, Keep Cruising

How LGBT Older Adults Can Get the Support They Need

6 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips for Older Adults

How Older Adults Can Spot and Stop Health Scams

3 Easy and Tasty Spring Holiday Dishes

5 Common Oral Health Problems Among Older Adults

How Older Adults Can Keep Their Immune Systems Strong

Senior Scams: What to Know About Investment Fraud

4 Easy Yoga Poses for Older Adults

The State of Brain Health: 5 Stats from the World Alzheimer Report

How Doodling Benefits Your Brain

How Older Adults can Deal with Anxiety

Exercises to Increase Flexibility

6 Risks to Brain Health You Can Control

Taking Too Many Medications? Deprescribing Could Help

Heart Attacks in Older Adults: 3 Things to Know

Over-the-Counter Medication Safety Tips for Older Adults

How Older Adults Can Begin an Exercise Routine

What Depression Looks Like in Older Adults

3 Ways to Keep a New Year’s Resolution

How Older Adults Can Fight a Cold or Flu

Kendal at Home Caregivers Build Relationships While They Help

The Benefits of Arts for Older Adults

3 Volunteering Resources for Older Adults

Tips for Creating a Winter Exercise Routine

How Hearing Affects the Well-being of Older Adults

3 Tasty Winter Recipes to Try

5 Ways Older Adults Can Improve Sleep Quality

5 Foot Care Tips for Older Adults

Should Older Adults Get the Flu Vaccine?

Balance Disorders in Older Adults: 3 Important Things to Know

How to Stay Social When Facing Life Transitions

The Surprising Costs of Family Caregiving

Is Alzheimer’s Disease Genetic?

How to Protect Yourself Against Shingles

Why You Should Make Preventing Falls a Priority

How to Talk to Your Family about End-of-Life Wishes

Kendal at Home’s Lynne Giacobbe Receives Outstanding Executive Award

5 Oral Hygiene Tips for Older Adults

3 Easy Strength and Balance Exercises for Older Adults

Younger Seniors Get More End-of-Life Care, Study Shows

How to Get More Out of Your Retirement

The Difference Between Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Choosing a Pet for Older Adults: 5 Tips

Improve Focus and Memory with These 4 Tips

Checklist: Home Maintenance Tips for the Fall

7 Tips for Protecting Your Vision as You Age

Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Aging Muscles

How to Get More Out of Your Doctor's Appointment

Fun Summer Activities for Older Adults in Ohio

10 Essential Skincare Tips for Older Adults

Simple Ways to Boost Balance

Top 2016 Election Issues for Older Adults

Mild Behavioral Impairment Can Be the First Sign of Alzheimer's

5 Simple Strengthening Exercises for Older Adults

7 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Video: Tips for Avoiding Senior Scams

6 Breathing Exercises for Older Adults

Eating Guidelines for Older Adults

Simple Ways to Relieve Joint Pain Throughout the Day

Is Ohio Age-Friendly? Older Adults Speak Out

15 Hobbies For Older Adults

Safe Driving Tips for Older Adults

Stroke Warning Signs and Prevention Tips

How to Get Around When You No Longer Drive

Food Safety for Seniors: Preventing Choking Hazards

Aging in Place News: Creating a Life Plan at Home

Bone Health: Secrets to Maintaining Bone Mass as You Age

4 Tips to Make Your Outdoor Walking Routine Safer

Busting Myths About Memory Loss and Alzheimer’s Disease

5 Strategies for Older Adults to Combat Loneliness

Is Long-Term Care Insurance Worth the Investment?

How to Tell If Your Loved One Needs Supportive Services

Surprising Statistics About Scams Targeting Older Adults

Simple Safety Tips for Working Outdoors

Senior Scams: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself

What Older Adults Need to Know About Heartburn Medications

Simple Things Older Adults Can Do Every Day to Boost Brain Health

Do Brain Training Games Really Boost Brain Health?

Home Sweet Home: The Future of Housing for Older Adults

Top 5 Home Maintenance Projects to Finish This Spring

Ready to Retire? Consider These Things First

'Unretirement' Can Lead to Big Things for Older Adults

How to Find the Right Retirement Living Options

How Older Adults Can Prepare for Emergencies

Need Help at Home? 3 Things about Supportive Services for Older Adults

How Positive Attitudes Can Improve Life for Older Adults

Healthy Aging: Combating Social Isolation

Brain Health: What to Know about Memory Loss

Why LGBT Older Adults Should Come Out to Their Doctors

4 Ways Retirement is Changing in 2016

5 Foods that Improve Brain Health

Meet the Team: New Kendal Corporation CEO Sean Kelly

Benefits of Intergenerational Programs

Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Aging in Place

5 Stretches for Older Adults

Brain Health: All About Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Loss

How to Prevent Winter Falls—or Get Up After One

5 Tips for Safer Winter Driving for Older Adults

New Year's Resolutions for Healthy Aging

Even More Breathing Exercises for Older Adults

Brain Health: Meditation Changes the Brain, Improves Quality of Life

5 Inspiring Quotes from the Most Influential People in Aging

Simple Ways to Boost Your Brain Health

Ready for Retirement? Make the Most of Your Savings

LGBT Older Adults: 3 Resources for Healthy Aging

Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

Why Older Adults Should Consider a Part-time Job

Older Adults and Hearing Loss: What You Need to Know

How to Talk to Your Doctor about End-of-Life Wishes

Hobbies for Older Adults

Brain Health: Activities to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Kendal at Home Member Story: Creating an Antique Roseshow

LGBT Resources for Older Adults: Ways to Break the Isolation

Health News: What Older Adults Need to Know About Vaccines

Meal Delivery Services: Older Adults Can Create Gourmet Meals at Home

How Older Adults Can Use Uber

How Walking or Doing Household Chores May Improve Your Health

3 Inspiring Stories of Active Older Adults

Kendal at Home Member Story: Starting a Neighborhood Feral Cat Program

4 Types of Physical Activities for Older Adults

How Pet Companionship Can Benefit Older Adults

Aging in Place: Predictions for the Future

5 Quotes: Growing Older, Getting Better

Avoiding the Nursing Home: Take Charge of Your Mental Health

3 Things You Might Not Know About Retirement

Aging in Place Technologies You Need to Know About

Avoiding the Nursing Home: How to Choose the Right Doctor for You

For Older Adults, There’s No Place Like Home

Avoid the Nursing Home: 20+ Ideas for Making Your Home Safer

Medication Management: How To Dispose Of Unneeded Medications

Wellness for Older Adults: Getting Started with Lifelong Learning

Avoiding the Nursing Home: How Older Adults can Safely Manage Medications

Tips to Help Older Adults Get More Sleep

Avoiding the Nursing Home: Taking Advantage of a Senior Center

How Older Adults Can Get Started with Chair Yoga: 3 Poses to Try

How to Be Your Own Advocate at the Doctor's Office As You Age

How to Keep Driving Safely as You Age

Older Adult Safety: How to Avoid and Get up from Outdoor Falls

Healthy Ways Older Adults can Enjoy Spring and Fight Back Allergies

Spring Cleaning Tips and Home Maintenance Strategies for Aging in Place

How to Safely Get Up After a Fall: A Prep Course

How to Avoid the Nursing Home: 3 Top Tips

Tips for Preventing Falls in Your Home

5 Myths about Aging . . . Debunked!

What is Aging in Place and is it Right for You?

Spring Activities for Older Adults

What Does the Future Hold for Older Adults? [VIDEO]

What You Need to Know About Levels of Care

What Should I Ask if My Parents Are Considering Aging in Place?

Connected Aging: Now and On the Horizon

The Latest in Protein Recommendations for Older Adults

Meet the Care Coordinator Team: Joanne Cornell

How Well Does Ohio Rank in Long-Term Care?

Should You Wear an Activity Tracker? Considerations for Older Adults

5 Simple Ways to Go Green While Aging in Place

Staying Safe on the Road: Older Adults Behind the Wheel

When It Comes to Long-Term Care, Where You Live Matters

Do You Have a Long-Term Care Plan? You Should.

Mixing Supplements and Medications: Should Older Adults Worry?

How Older Adults Can Take Control of Their Happiness at Any Age

Why Older Adults Should Make Happiness a Priority

Kendal at Home Partner Independa Wins 2015 CES Innovation Award

What Makes a Person Happy? What You Need to Know as You Age

The Benefits of Trying Something New as an Older Adult

Celebrating the Holidays with Kendal at Home

How Thinking Positively Can Improve Your Happiness As You Age

Why Being Happy Should Be Every Older Adults’ New Year's Resolution

How Quality Sleep Affects Your Health and Happiness

How Older Adults Can Spread Happiness This Holiday Season

How to Plan for the Possibility of Declined Brain Health, Part 2

Kendal at Home Members Test Balance at Healthy Aging Day [VIDEO]

How to Plan for the Possibility of Declined Brain Health, Part 1

Staying Healthy Over 60 With Mindful Relaxation

Using Art to Prevent Social Isolation for Those with Dementia

Boost Brain Health By Spicing Up Your Diet

Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp as You Get Older

How Older Adults Can Help Spread Alzheimer’s Awareness

Social Isolation and Spending Too Much Time Online

Staying Social with Social Media: A Glossary of Terms

Combating Social Isolation Among LGBT Older Adults

Staying Social After Going From Two to One

Staying Social Online: The Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media

5 Ways Joining Social Media Can Benefit Older Adults

What You Missed at Kendal at Home’s Recent Healthy Aging Day

How Older Adult Introverts Can Be More Social

The Benefits of an Active Social Life for Older Adults

8 Small Changes You Can Make Today to Prevent Falls

Strengthen Your Body and Prevent Falls with Tai Chi

A Checklist to Prevent Falls in Your Home

6 Tips for Preventing Falls Around Your Pets

Changing What You Eat to Prevent Falls

From the Nutritionist: Fall in Love with Vegetables

Improve Balance to Prevent Falls: 5 Balance Exercises to Try

How You Can Prevent Falls With Regular Checkups

Using Technology for Improved Retirement at Home

7 At-Home Jobs to Try After Retirement

Retirement Relocation or Retirement at Home: What’s Right for Me?

Busting Myths About Older Adults on National Senior Citizens Day

When Should I Start Planning for Long-Term Care?

Retirement Living: How to Start Tackling Your Bucket List

Why You Should Volunteer After Retirement as a Second Career

Staying Healthy Over 60 With Dance

Why Older Adults Often Make the Best Workers

What Older Adults Want in the Workplace

How Maturing Boomers Are Reinventing Retirement

Food Safety: Storing & Reheating Leftovers Safely

How Kendal at Home Helps Prevent Social Isolation Among Members

The Relationship Between Aging in Place and Social Isolation

Staying Healthy By Making Better Use of Your Leisure Time

15 Fun Outdoor Activities for Older Adults & Their Grandkids

Turning the AC Off: Is It Safe for Older Adults in the Summer?

Enhance Your Life with these 5 Not-so-Distant Technologies

Summer Safety: Food Safety Tips for Picnics

Why You Should Volunteer After Retirement

How Older Adults Can Combat Depression

How to Recognize Depression in Your Friends or Yourself

Reducing Food Waste in Your Home: A Summer Goal for Older Adults

Summer Safety: 8 Helpful Reminders for Older Adults

How Pets Benefit Older Adults’ Physical, Social, and Emotional Health

What Kendal at Home Means to Me: Testimonials from Members

6 Questions to Ask When Prescribed a New Medication

Why You Should Shop at Your Local Farmer’s Market

The Debate Continues: What Do We Call Older Adults?

Does Your Car Fit Your Changing Needs?

Why Older Adults Are Prime for Entrepreneurship

Why Maturing Boomers Should Start Thinking About Long-Term Care Now

Considering a New Plan for Your Garden? 7 Healthy Ideas for Gardeners

How to Make Money By Cleaning Out Your Closet: A Downsizing How To

From the Nutritionist: Berry Good News About Anthocyanins!

Healthy Aging: Does the Weather Really Affect Joints?

Why You Can’t Let Your Items Go (& What to Do About it)

Kendal at Home After 10 Years: A Chat with Lynne Giacobbe

Talking to Your Spouse About Retirement Relocation

5 Tips for Talking About Retirement with Your Spouse

3 Ways to Practice Safety this Older Americans Month

How Do I Know If Downsizing is Right For Me? 5 Questions to Ask

5 Steps Older Adults Can Take Now to Scam-Proof Their Lives

5 Top Tips to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Retirement at Home: 5 Tips to Make New Friends Later in Life

You’ve Retired—Now What?

Summer Getaway Tech Tips: 7 Tips to Help You Have a Better Vacation

Summer Getaway Tech Tips: 7 Tips for Booking With Ease

A Look at Kendal’s Values in Practice: Sharing

A Test for Predicting Alzheimer’s: What Older Adults Need to Know

A Look at Kendal’s Values in Practice: Administering

Mice in the Mattress! A Kendal at Home Spring Cleaning Tale

Summer Getaway Tech Tips: 7 Tips for Better Planning

A Look at Kendal’s Values in Practice: Serving

Keep, Toss, Donate: A Downsizing How-To

5 Reasons You May Want to Stay in Your Home

What's in a Name? The Debate Over What to Call Maturing Boomers

What is Kendal Northern Ohio? A Breakdown of Our Programs

How to Get Vitamin D When the Sun Isn’t Shining

The Life Plan Coordinator Difference: What a Life Plan Coordinator Does

Filling Your Plate With the Right Portions to Stay Healthy

Staying Healthy over 50 by Drinking Enough Water

Feed A Cold? Insight from Kendal at Oberlin Community Nutritionist

How Your Body Affects Your Diet As You Age

Heart Healthy Eating: 3 Tips for Maintaining a Low-Fat Vegan Diet

How to Prevent Falls in Winter Weather: Part 2

Kendal at Home Shares Insight into Aging in Place with Dementia

What Older Adults Need to Know Before Ordering Genetic Tests

Simple Tips for Improving Your Blood Circulation

A Momentous Oberlin Meeting: Martin Luther King and James Lawson

Understanding Ageism: What is it and Who it Affects

Why Get a Balance Assessment? Kendal at Home Member Shares His Story

How to Prevent Falls in Winter Weather: Part 1

5 Fun Ways to Pass the Time When You're Stuck Inside

Making Healthier Choices for Better Heart Health

6 Apps Older Adults Will Love

Staying Healthy: 5 Myths About Older Adult Falls

Turkey Stuffed with Spinach & Feta Cheese: A Kendal at Oberlin Recipe

Staying Healthy: 4 Surprising Insights About Heart Disease

Dating for Mature Adults: How to Know You're Ready to Date

4 Simple Ways Shield your Skin from the Winter Cold

Kendal at Home Member Takes Leap of Faith

4 Unexpected Ways for Preventing Heart Disease

Staying Healthy: Get Your Exercise In When It's Cold Outside

Kendal at Home Gives Older Adults Freedom to Roam

The Independent Life of Snowbirds

Tips For Having Family Heirlooms Restored

Staying Healthy with a Good Night’s Sleep: 5 Tips from Dr. Lal Arora

Kendal at Home Welcomes Members & Friends at Annual Open House

Better Living Through Technology: Introducing Independa CloudCare

Steady U: Helping Older Adults Find Balance & Prevent Falls

Start the New Year Right by Enrolling in Lifelong Learning

4 New Year's Resolutions Perfect for Older Adults

Tracing Your Family History: How to Get Started

7 Things Pinterest Can Teach Older Adults This Holiday Season

Gifting Family Treasures this Holiday Season

Telling Family Stories Using Oral History

Why Older Adults Should Make a Gift From Their IRA Now

Enhance Your Life by Adopting or Fostering Animals

Easy Ways for Older Adults to Put Up & Take Down Holiday Decorations

Staying Healthy: 4 Components to Successful At-Home Workouts

Staying Healthy: 5 Foods to Improve Your Iron Intake

Staying Healthy Over 60: Alternatives to Diet Drinks

6 Unexpected Foods Good For Brain Health

4 Ways to Get Loved Ones Involved in World Vegetarian Month

Remaining Independent with Kendal at Home Healthy Aging Initiative

Aging Successfully: Upcoming Symposium to Discuss Health Care Reform

3 Tips to Make Grocery Shopping Faster, Easier for Older Adults

How Older Adults Can Recover From Exercise Injuries

Medication Management: Is Your Medication Spoiling Your Vegan Diet?

Online Review Sites Can Help Inform Older Adults’ Consumer Choices

Independent Living: 6 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Retirement Living: 4 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy During Indian Summer

Retirement Planning: Why More Baby Boomers Are Rightsizing

Life Enrichment Committee Helps Kendal at Home Members Socialize

Kendal Northern Ohio Celebrates Mature Artists at Community ARTreach

Retirement Living: Tips for Finding Part-Time Jobs

5 Part-Time Jobs Ideal For Older Adults

Retirement Living: Dining Out with a Vegan Diet

Support Mature Artists at Kendal Northern Ohio's Community ARTreach

Meet Friends by Birding: Kendal at Home Committee Makes it Possible

Retirement Living: Prepping for Your Vegan Meal Out

Retirement Living: Save Big With Online Coupons and Deals

3 Reasons Older Adults Should Consider Working Part-Time Jobs

The Benefits of Water Exercise For Older Adults

Street and Sidewalk Safety Tips for Older Adults

Older Adults Can Enjoy Baking With Healthier Recipes

Living Independently: 5 Ideas to De-Clutter Your Home This Summer

Recommended Health Screenings for Older Adults

Maturing Boomers Go Green With Eco-Friendly Vacations

Adding Supplements to Your Diet: What Older Adults Need to Know

Medication Management: Learn How To Dispose Of Unneeded Medications

How Mature Adults Can Choose the Right Shoes to Prevent Pain

Aging in Place: 3 Ways to Keep Healthy in Your Home

3 Need-to-Know Summer Travel Safety Tips for Active Older Adults

How Mature Adults Can Become Good Friends To Their Adult Children

Donor Advised Funds: An Easy Way Older Adults Can Give Back

Save Money With Travel Discounts for Older Adults

5 Ideas for Remaining Active While Volunteering this Summer

Retirement Living: Plant Herbs for a Fresh and Healthy Kitchen

Staying Healthy & Satisfied With Diabetic-Friendly Desserts

4 Ways Older Adults Can Give Back With Community Service

Benefits of Intergenerational Programs for Older Adults

3 Ways Older Adults Can Garden with Ease

Older Adults, Make Your Retirement Hobby a Small Business

Remaining Active: 3 Steps for Keeping Safe in the Sun

Older Adult Artists! Showcase Your Talents with Kendal Northern Ohio

Staying Healthy: Get Your Exercise in Silver Sneakers

Aging in Place: 4 Tips to Decrease Your Chances of Falls in the Home

Kendal at Home Member Creates an Antique “Roseshow”

Why Become a Vegetarian? 3 Compelling Reasons for Older Adults

Stephens Care Center Gets Music Aficionado Back on Her Feet

Kendal at Home Members Discover Benefits of Vegetarianism

Yoga: Improving Strength, Balance, and Flexibility for Older Adults

Get Moving! Fun Activities for Grandparents to Do With Their Grandchildren

For Older Adults, Exercise is More Fun With Friends

Retirement Living: Stay Active and Enjoy Nature With Birding

4 Tips for Safe Social Networking for Older Adults

4 More Reasons Older Adults Should Learn to Use Facebook

3 Simple Ways Older Adults Can Better Connect with Grandchildren

Blogging Tips for Older Adults from Reverend Katie Norris

Aging in Place: Look for Universal Design Features

Five Foods Older Adults Should Eat to Support Bone Health

Mature Adults: Love Your Heart with a Healthy Diet

Tax Breaks for Older Adults: Protecting Yourself from Tax Scammers

Tax Breaks for Older Adults: Investment Income

Tax Breaks for Older Adults: Traditional IRA Contributions

Tax Breaks for Older Adults: Excluding the Gain from Home Sale

Tax Breaks for Older Adults: Medical Expense Deductions

Living Independently: Picking the Right Portion for Good Nutrition

Mature Adults: Make Snacking a Healthy Part of Your Diet

Living Independently: Make the Most of Lunch to Power Through the Day

Older Adults: Get Your Best Start with Breakfast

Remaining Active: How Older Adults Continue Work in Retirement

Why Tax Deductions for Charitable Contributions Help Older Adults

Continuing Care: Sharing Experiences with Dementia by Blogging

Reverend Katie Norris Recommends Kendal at Home

Should Older Adults Join Facebook? 4 Reasons It May Be For You

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Living Independently: Tips for Choosing an eReader

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Staying Healthy: Enjoying the Flavors of Winter Squash

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Living Independently: What to Do When You Have Trouble Sleeping

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Tips for Organizing Your Family Photos

Tips for Organizing Your Family Photos

Aging Photos: Preserving Family Memories & Organizing Photo Books

Fish Facts: Nutrition Information for Older Adults

All Fish Are Not Nutritionally Equal; What Older Adults Need to Know

Sight-Saving Tips for Healthy Eyes and Healthy Mature Adults

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Age in Place: More Home Exercises for Improving Balance

Age in Place: Simple Exercises You Can Do at Home to Improve Balance

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Residents Run the Show: Coffee Hour at Kendal

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Lifelong Learning: Secrets of the Civil War Exposed in Lakeside

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Fresh Summer Vegetables Pack a Nutritious Punch for Older Adults

More Universal Design Features that Let People Age in Place

Universal Design Can Make Life Easier for Aging Adults & Families

Mature Adults Need to Keep Track of Meds to Prevent Errors

Punch Up Your Diet and Health with Fresh Summer Veggies

Strengthen Core to Banish Back Pain with Classes at Kendal at Oberlin

Kendal at Home's Care Coordinators Help Maintain Independence

Kendal Provides Lifetime Learning Opportunities

Seasonally Fresh, Locally Grown Menus for Kendal Northern Ohio

Kendal Northern Ohio's Quaker Traditions Shape its Focus

Kendal at Home on Ohio Business Talks

Meet the Kendal at Home Coordinator Team: Katie Tipton

Meet the Kendal at Home Care Coordinator Team: Terri Lanham

Meet the Kendal at Home Care Coordinator Team: Dave Zientarski

What is a Care Coordinator?

Health-Boosting Berries are Great Choice for Older Adults

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Older Adults Should Not Ignore Their Foot Health

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Hang onto Your Car Keys and Your Independence

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Economic Power of Maturing Boomers Forcing Marketing Paradigm Shift

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Best Home Remodeling Projects for Aging in Place

New Home Remodeling Options Allow You to Age in Place in Style

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Exercise: The Key to Living a Healthy and Independent Life

Intergenerational Communities Enrich Lives

Stephens Care Center: Quality Care in a Familiar Setting

Lifelong Learning Is Key to Staying Young

Low-Impact Exercises Bring Improved Joint Health for Older Adults

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